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Centers of Excellence – the Future of Outsourcing?

CoE is a great way for an outsourcing software development company to acquire new expertise and remain competitive for years to come.

by Sergey Kizyan, Chief Technology Officer at Intetics

What Happened in Ukrainian IT? Top 7 Tech Events of August 2018

The largest merger in the Ukrainian retail sector, Preply raising $4 million, Ukrainian AR-infused book breaking record sales, and other brightest August events in the Ukrainian technology sector.

by FullStackUA

Hiring the Right People: What Soft Skills Do Software Development Companies Need?

Today soft skills are just as important for getting a job in IT as hard skills. We've interviewed the largest Ukrainian software development companies who shared what exact soft skills they're looking for and how they develop them in the company.

by Kate Abrosimova

Best Ukrainian Software Development Companies Working with Big Data

Software development companies with solid background in data science and big data with some innovative projects in their portfolio.

by Sofiya Merenych

Choosing an Automotive Software Development Company from Ukraine

What technology trends are shaping the automotive industry today? What companies have automotive software development projects in their portfolio? Check out in our article.

by Sofiya Merenych

Technology Trends in Logistics and 6 Companies Who Build Solutions for the Logistics Industry

Blockchain, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and the internet of things are transforming the logistics and transportation industry. We've listed 6 companies who build products for logistics.

by Sofiya Merenych

Here is Who Builds Software Projects With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Ukraine

AI is used in various industries including healthcare,retail, marketing, HR management. We've put together a list of companies in Ukraine who develop solutions with AI and machine learning technologies.

by Sofiya Merenych

7 Best Fintech Software Development Companies and Examples of Their Financial Projects

Fintech is one of the fastest growing industries today. We've collected a list of software development companies that specialize in fintech and have relevant projects in their portfolio.

by Sofiya Merenych

6 Types of Organizational Structures. Which Type Yields the Most Benefits for an IT Company?

Different types of organizational structures used by Ukrainian companies, their pros and cons, and some insights from the industry leaders on organizational structures and their benefits.

by Oxana Stroganova

How We Created a Business Intelligence Dashboard for Measuring Project Success

The data-driven model that Eleks' team created helps project managers and clients get a clear picture of their software development project success and find the cause of the issues faster.

by Olga Tataryntseva