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Choosing an Automotive Software Development Company from Ukraine

Nowadays, a car is more of a computer than a machine. So many of a car’s processes have become automated over the last several years that it is almost impossible to think of a function which isn’t controlled by some kind of software. Driving has become safer, smarter and more fun all at the same time. Navigation systems, predictive maintenance software, rear seat entertainment, CO2 emission-controlling software – these are just a few of the reasons for the growing use of automotive software.

Internet of Things in the automotive industry

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions have already become an important component of modern cars. Connected sensors gather all kinds of information and share it with a computer. Such information includes, but is not limited to: fuel expense, battery life, and condition of the engine or other critical parts of the vehicle.


IoT technology is essential for autonomous and assisted driving. It is possible to equip cars with sensors to analyze real-time traffic situations in order to assist the driver with making responsible decisions about how to drive.


We can also speak about the internet of cars era, when every car is connected to the internet and is much more than just a vehicle. In addition to providing transportation, a car can become an office or an entertainment center, depending on the needs of the driver and/or the passengers.  

Artificial intelligence supporting automotive software

In order to make the most of Information gathered by connected sensors, this information should be processed by a computer. This is where artificial intelligence, and particularly machine learning, becomes extremely useful.


Machine learning (ML) algorithms are used to process large amounts of information, learn from it, and make responsible decisions based on this information. For example, by analyzing all the conditions that can potentially affect fuel consumption, the system can advise how to reduce this consumption and save money. Similarly, by analyzing the situation on the road, software can assist drivers by preventing them from making potentially dangerous maneuvers.


The more information this algorithm processes, the more reliable and exact its recommendations become.

Blockchain and the automotive industry

Blockchain technology with a shared and extremely secure ledger is another example of a technological innovation that has made its way into the automotive industry.


Blockchain can be used to log all the information concerning the repair and parts exchange of a single car. This innovation can keep track of the car’s history, which is important for owners, repair technicians, and particularly those in the aftermarket. People buying used cars can now be sure of the repair history of the car or usage of original spare parts, since the information in the blockchain database can’t be faked or erased.

Ukrainian automotive software development companies

Developing specialized software for vehicles, both private and commercial, requires specific expertise in the industry and vast experience in working with the required technologies. Ukrainian companies can offer both. Along with successfully-completed projects for the automotive industry in their portfolio, they are experts in building efficient solutions using artificial intelligence, big data, IoT and blockchain. Some of their impressive projects are described below.


N-iX has been a reliable partner for automotive industry leaders for several years. Offering hardware and software development, the company focuses on creating user-friendly solutions that work seamlessly in any situation.


The portfolio of N-iX includes projects related to collision avoidance, connectivity solutions, automatic parking, etc. In addition, the company develops Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), which ensure efficient “communication” between the driver and the vehicle. Internet of Things is another technology widely implemented by N-iX in developing automotive software. Connected sensors gather information about hardware performance. Artificial intelligence algorithms then analyze it and help to predict faults and schedule maintenance of the vehicle to avoid breakdowns.


N-iX’s engineering team was involved in the development and testing of hardware and software for Cardo’s new product Scala rider PACKTALK. The invention allows seamless communication for a group of motorcycle riders. The system works even when no mobile network or internet connection is available due to Bluetooth and DMC technologies, which allow the creation of a private network with up to 15 riders.


In-flight connectivity provider Gogo partnered with N-iX to extend the variety of services they offer. The company partners with a number of airlines globally. The team of Ukrainian engineers supported Gogo in integrating data science in their processes. The updated software is now able to gather and analyze information about in-flight connectivity usage to provide better services to millions of users.

Sigma Software

Sigma Software offers various solutions to make personal and commercial vehicles safer and smarter. The company focuses on developing special software which can assist the driver with parking and navigation, monitoring the state of the vehicle and preventing any faults. The software is also able to track the route or current location of a vehicle, which is especially useful for the logistics industry. Sigma Software also creates e-commerce solutions for sales of spare parts for different types of vehicles.


A fuel monitoring application developed by Sigma Software collects and analyzes data about fuel consumption. Various factors are considered, such as an average speed, outside temperature, number of passengers, driving style, etc. The system helps to compare the quality of fuel from different gas stations. It also gives advice about driving style and speed in order to optimize fuel consumption.


The company also took part in the development of the Autonomous Yard Maneuvering application. This solution enables a truck to move in the truck yard without a driver. The vehicle is actually being controlled from a web or mobile application. Sigma Software was responsible for UI design and development of the applications and test scenario preparation, as well as testing the software in real conditions.


One of the partners of Sigma Software is Volvo Penta – a company that provides engines and power systems for the marine industry. The product that was developed is an e-commerce portal where dealers and individuals can order spare parts for the company’s products. Nowadays, customers from 150 countries worldwide use the portal to order Volvo Penta products.


Another major player in the automotive software development market of Ukraine is Ignite. The company started their work in the industry back in the days when a car wasn’t yet considered a moving computer. Over time, new technologies started to penetrate different spheres of our lives, with the automotive industry being one such sphere. Ignite was one of the first Ukrainian development companies to implement artificial intelligence, IoT and data science into software specifically targeted to vehicles.


Through its cooperation with Waze, GreenRoad, and eDrive, Ignite has proven to be a reliable partner with extensive expertise in creating custom software for automotive industry giants and startups.


Intellias partners with global automotive vendors in delivering an exclusive car-driving experience. The company’s projects include smart navigational systems, autonomous driving solutions, predictive maintenance software, etc. Intellias also implements AI and big data processing to broaden the possibilities of automotive software.


The company has developed a car diagnosis solution with real-time notifications to drivers. A cloud-based machine learning algorithm is able to detect any changes in the vehicle’s performance and predict, for example, when the battery will run low. The system processes the information and sends instructions to the driver. As a result, the driver is able to avoid any issues related to the battery running low.


Another project of Intellias was a solution for autonomous and assisted driving. The cloud-based platform is using real-time and historic data, and enables multi-layer maps for more exact and efficient route building.


The engine controlling software was developed by Intellias in cooperation with a hardware company. The product aims to control CO2 emissions to ensure that vehicles meet the current Euro 6 standard.


Last but not least in our list of automotive software development companies is SoftGroup. The expertise and reliability of the company is evident from its portfolio, which includes various projects for vehicle manufacturers and dealers.


DroidBUZZ is an entertainment system for rear seats based on Android 2.2 Froyo. The product has a wide functionality and is customizable according to the services the provider is going to offer.


DashCore and IviLink are two platforms created by SoftGroup to make the development process of automotive software for clients faster and more efficient. Both platforms can be used as a core for rear seat entertainment systems, navigation, etc.


Automotive Software development in Ukraine is at a high level. Companies partner with industry leaders to create reliable, efficient and highly productive software for different types of vehicles. The usage of machine learning algorithms, IoT, and big data proves that the market is constantly evolving. Ukrainian development companies are at the forefront of these innovations.