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Here is Who Builds Software Projects With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Ukraine

In an era when our news feeds are overwhelmed by AI-related stories, it is crucial to correctly understand the concept – what exactly is AI, or Artificial Intelligence? In Hollywood movies, a favorite plot entails ‘the rise of the machines’ where AI gets out of control and machines aim to destroy life on earth. This is an unlikely scenario, and it is definitely not something we need to fear today.


Much more realistic is the scenario where artificial intelligence becomes a perfect assistant in all fields of our lives. The new technologies now becoming available have the potential to take over not just manual work, but also complicated calculations. They could potentially even replace humans in the workplace.


What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of software to make calculations that are similar to the process of human thinking. To make the software “intelligent”, it is “taught” with a huge amount of real data.


What is machine learning (ML)?

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. It refers to the ability of software to learn by itself, using its own experience without being programmed.

What are the applications of artificial intelligence?

AI is already being used in different industries and its potential has literally no limits.

AI in healthcare

No, artificial intelligence won’t replace doctors in the near future. But it can be very helpful in the diagnosis of  diseases – particularly those that are difficult to diagnose through traditional methods – because it makes decisions by analyzing hundreds of other clinical cases. The software can learn from its own experience processing the tons of data it deals with on a daily basis.

Artificial intelligence in retail

AI can help traditional retail to analyze sales data and predict possible demand for different products. As a result, companies can adjust their production to offer more products that clients really appreciate and produce fewer items that are not so popular.


Online stores will benefit from AI since the algorithms can offer buyers more items they may be interested in. The software analyzes customers’ purchases and the products they have viewed recently to predict their preferences. Such an approach can increase sales.

Machine learning in marketing

Marketing is constantly dealing with a large amount of data and specialized software can help to make the most of this data. Analyzing the results of marketing campaigns and automatically creating new and better ones based on the lessons learned – this is what makes AI extremely useful in making your brand more popular.

Artificial intelligence in HR management

It’s hard to overestimate the helpfulness of special software in human relations management. When it comes to recruiting, AI can take over screening and prior evaluation of the candidates, as well as scheduling of interviews. This saves a lot of work for an HR manager.

Best Ukrainian AI/ML development companies

Ukrainian developers continue to demonstrate extraordinary expertise in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. That’s why we have prepared a list of companies you can approach to empower your business processes with an intelligent software assistant or to create an innovative product to broaden the horizons of what is considered possible.


Provectus focuses on working with artificial intelligence and big data. Among the customers of the company are international businesses such as Uber, CrowdFlower, NinthDecimal, and others.


CrowdFlower is one of the AI-based projects that Provectus delivered. It uses human-in-the-loop and machine learning algorithms to improve data management, content moderation, and transcription.


Another of Provectus’ projects is an audience intelligence platform known as  NinthDecimal. It processes location data to offer valuable marketing information.


Provectus has extensive expertise in machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and big data. They offer rapid prototyping and development of a tailored product from scratch. They also work with legacy code and improve existing products. Provectus built their own model of remote cooperation to achieve the best combination of price and efficiency.


Artificial Intelligence is one of the domains Innovecs pays significant attention to. Applications developed by the company involve machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision and other AI-based technologies.


In cooperation with the client, Innovecs follows a partnership model whereby the company tries to understand the problem of the customer and does extensive research before offering a suitable technical solution. The talent acquisition process is optimized to hire the right people in the shortest time so that the AI software development process can start without any delays.


N-IX is one of the leading AI development companies in Eastern Europe. They develop artificial intelligence solutions for healthcare and fintech, aviation, entertainment and other industries. The expertise of the company includes but is not limited to ML algorithms, neural networks, deep learning, natural language processing, and intelligent cybersecurity. Using Python and R programming languages, N-iX works with various AI frameworks, such as TensorFlow, Theano, Torch, Caffe, etc.


In 2017 N-iX partnered with Mercanto to develop a powerful email marketing tool which uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to analyze user behavior and create personalized email campaigns. This tool helps companies deliver information their customers are more likely to engage with.


Intellias is another Ukrainian software development company with proven expertise in artificial intelligence, especially natural language processing.


In cooperation with Alphary, Intellias has developed a vocabulary learning service that uses NLP. The application, available for both iOS and Android, was recognized by Oxford University Press and the technology has been licensed for worldwide distribution.


Intellias also developed an NLP based service for data processing and analysis. The tool builds semantic fingerprints from any unstructured textual information. In 2016 the service was named an IDC Innovator in the machine learning-based text analytics market.

Abto Software

Abto Software started their work on scientific projects as a partner of Lausanne University about 10 years ago. Since that time, the portfolio of the company has grown to include AI projects for government and healthcare, transportation and real-estate. Abto Software offers the full cycle of software development, from idea analysis to a ready product, including algorithm training and maintenance.


One of the AI-based applications developed by Abto Software is a license plate recognition service. This software uses machine learning algorithms to recognize the vehicle license number by scanning real-time videos from surveillance cameras. The information provided by this service is extremely helpful for police, security agencies, parking services, garages, etc.


The license plate recognition service developed by Abto Software teaches itself by analyzing the datasets provided by the client and real data that are processed by the tool. As a result, the more vehicles the service recognizes, the better and more exact its recognition ability becomes.


DevRain is another development company with a strong expertise in AI/ML. The company has experience in natural language processing, technology for human-computer interactions via written or spoken language. DevRain also develops AI chatbots for various platforms using tools like Microsoft Bot Framework, LUIS, wit.ai, api.ai, Chatfuel, Microsoft Cognitive Services, IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa etc.


The company develops products from scratch, offering business analysis, MVP development, UI/UX design, testing and continuous support of the released product.

Sigma Software

Artificial intelligence has become one of the premier technologies for Sigma Software. AI is implemented in various projects to automate routine tasks and is, therefore, becoming more and more popular among businesses.


For example, a procurement planning solution developed by Sigma Software can be used by retailers, caterers and other businesses that regularly deal with perishable products. The service can precisely predict the required amount of products to buy in order to minimize possible losses connected with perishable products’ expiration.


A Sentiment Analysis Module uses machine learning algorithms to analyze posts and comments in social networks and to find out the opinion of the users about a certain product or service.


Sigma Software also developed a proof-of-concept intelligent chatbot for a telecom company. The product was created within two weeks using Microsoft Bot Framework, Microsoft LUIS, and Microsoft QnA Maker. The chatbot uses NLP algorithms to understand customers' queries and provide them with relevant answers. After receiving the proof-of-concept, the client realized the benefits of this chatbot and proceeded with the development of an intelligent version with Sigma.

CHI Software

Artificial intelligence is a main focus of CHI Software. The company is keen on developing programs that are able to educate themselves. Machine learning has been implemented in a variety of their projects.


Another promising technology adapted by CHI Software is computer vision - the ability of a program to recognize and process information from pictures, photos, and videos.


The Face Recognition System developed by CHI Software is a solution for chain stores, which aims to improve client programs. The system is integrated with surveillance cameras and can recognize the faces of regular customers. Another application of this system is improving security by recognizing suspicious visitors.

Qubit Labs

Qubit Labs is an outstaffing and outsourcing company with an R&D center in Ukraine. It has proven expertise in AI development, powered by strong professionals in the field. Neural networks, NLP, deep learning, and chatbot development are all areas the AI team of Qubit Labs deals with on a daily basis. The company can offer a dedicated team to develop an artificial intelligence product from scratch, or individual professionals to join the customer’s existing team.


Qubit Labs is ready to implement machine learning algorithms in various industries, including fintech, e-commerce, healthcare, entertainment, agriculture, gaming, etc.


The company Computools has two R&D offices in Ukraine and headquarters in the USA. Their expertise in machine learning is proven by the projects in their portfolio.


One of Computools’ successful cases is the development of an image recognition application for power companies. The application can access a smartphone camera and use it to recognize meters and serial numbers. It then automatically processes the received information.This application significantly reduces the amount of paperwork for energy auditors and minimizes errors in calculations.




Despite the fact that artificial intelligence is a relatively new technology, a lot of Ukrainian software development companies have successfully adopted it and offer strong expertise in the fields of machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, neural networks, etc. The companies described above are ready to deliver the highest quality of AI-based software to meet your needs.