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8 Software Development Companies Well-Versed in Both the C and C++ Programming Languages

Over the years, a great number of programming languages have come into existence. While some managed to earn their place in the sun decades ago and went on to become the most commonly used languages in the software development industry, others haven’t been able to hold their positions for so long. The C programming language and its family member C++ were developed at Bell Laboratories in the early 1970s, but they’re still popular today.


According to the TIOBE Index for August 2017, C and C++ again rank in the top spots. C occupies the second position among all programming languages and is followed by C++, which takes third.

What are С and C++?

Many people believe that since C++ was derived from C, they have strong similarities. But that’s not entirely true. Regardless of their kinship, they have quite a lot of differences. Just to name a few, C is a procedural programming language that doesn’t support classes and objects, while C++ is a combination of both procedural and object-oriented principles. C++ also supports exception handling and inline functions, which C doesn’t.


The number of technical differences indicates that these languages were designed to accomplish different tasks. The C programming language, developed by Martin Richards in the mid-1970s while he was working on Unix operating system development, is widely used for delivering solutions such as:


  • Operating systems (the Unix Kernel, Microsoft Windows utilities and operating system applications, and a large segment of the Android operating system have all been written in C)

  • New programming languages (C is considered the precursor of such high-level programming languages as C++, JavaScript, D, Go, PHP, Java, etc.)

  • Embedded systems

  • Computational platforms like MATLAB

  • Graphics and gaming applications (chess, bouncing ball, etc.)


As for C++, this enhanced version of the C programming language, developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1980s, has become the language of choice for the development of a lot of modern software: device drivers, high-performance server and client applications, and video games.


Among the most popular projects delivered using the C++ programming language are the macOS operating system; Adobe applications including Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator, and Adobe Premier; Google apps like Google file system and Google Chromium; the Firefox internet browser and the Thunderbird email client; and open source database MySQL.

What companies offer software development with C and C++?

Below we’ve put together a list of seven established Ukrainian development companies that deliver high-quality software solutions using C and C++. Each of these companies has projects in its portfolio for well-funded companies from Europe and the US.


Infopulse is a software development company that delivers services ranging from software research and development to integration and support. Their customers come from fintech, ecommerce, healthcare, marketing, and other industries. Over the 25 years of their existence, Infopulse has earned the trust of leading brands such as Evry, ING, and Bosch. To deliver the best solutions to their clients, Infopulse uses a wide range of technologies, including C and C++.


Infopulse has worked with Bosch Security Systems, one of Bosch’s divisions and a supplier of security, safety, and communications products and systems. Infopulse contributed to the launch of the Bosch security software system, and used C++ as one of the core technologies for its implementation.


Eleks is an IT company that has 25+ years of experience in delivering services in software engineering, big data, mobility, quality assurance, and more. Eleks serves customers from all over the world, including Fortune 500 companies, and has expertise in delivering solutions to various industries such as fintech, healthcare, retail, media, and logistics. To handle all these projects, Eleks uses the major technology stacks, including C and C++ technologies.


The Eleks team has collaborated with Eagle Investment Systems, a global provider of data management, investment accounting, and performance measurement solutions for the financial services industry, to develop a secure and efficient portfolio management system.


Another client that the Eleks team has worked with is СlaroVision, a company that provides TV-based entertainment solutions targeting service and network operators as well as consumer electronics brands. For ClaroVision, Eleks developed Vision4, a multi-functional HDTV all-in-one solution aimed at substituting a large number of home entertainment devices and eliminating cable mess.


This year, Eleks has been featured as one of the best outsourcing providers in IAOP’s Global Outsourcing 100.


Intellias is a software development and consulting company that has expertise in delivering cloud, big data, IoT, embedded, security, and mobile solutions. They offer software development in Java, Scala, MS, .NET, and C/C++ technologies.


Intellias has used C and C++ in a project delivered to SEP, a German company that develops backup and disaster recovery solutions for the protection of cross-platform, heterogeneous IT environments. To expand SEP’s market share and technological footprint, Infopulse developed a new backup and recovery suite for Microsoft, Unix, and other infrastructure and visualization technologies.

ABTO Software

On the basis of C and C++ technologies, the ABTO Software team has developed a variety of projects ranging from simple Android applications to complex enterprise software solutions. These solutions have been delivered to clients located around the world.


Using C++ as a core technology, ABTO Software developed a software suite for eye tracking studies and eye movement analysis for one of their German clients. This application offers the possibility to conduct software education and marketing research. Another project of ABTO’s is a computer vision application that employs image classification and blood analysis to detect pathological tissue changes. This app was delivered to a US-based healthcare provider as a framework for white blood cell segmentation in microscopic blood images.


Both C and C++ technologies were used to develop components for advanced drilling guidance software that allows drilling contractors to choose the most accurate position to bore. C and C++ have also been used by ABTO as part of the technology stacks for delivering other software solutions. Check out ABTO Software’s portfolio for more projects.


N-iX is a software development company that applies quite a wide range of technologies to meet their clients’ needs, C and C++ among them. The N-iX team has developed complex solutions in C/C++ across a variety of fields, such as manufacturing, finance and stock trading, embedded systems, and network security for leading software companies including op5, Anoto, and StreamServe.


Op5 is a Swedish open source company that develops enterprise software for IT monitoring and administration. N-iX collaborated with op5 to develop some of the components of op5 Monitor, a software product for server network monitoring and management. Anoto is also a Swedish company, and offers mobile data capture solutions for handwriting. StreamServe is both the name of a company and the name of a customer communication management platform. For over nine years, the N-iX team has been partnering with StreamServe and has contributed to the development of various StreamServe products.

CHI Software

CHI Software is an IT development company that offers both web design and software development services. Since CHI mostly works on implementing software solutions, their technology expertise is quite diverse, and includes the C++ programming language.


Among the C++ projects that CHI Software has developed for their clients is an application for climate change monitoring, a desktop visualization software platform, a gas station management system, and a travel ticket processing system.


Apriorit is a software development company that provides advanced software development services to technology companies focusing on C/C++ development. The Apriorit team works with system-level distributed applications and drivers, where efficient networking and performance optimization are crucial.


Apriorit delivers solutions to Fortune 500 security solution vendors, Fortune 500 virtualization technology vendors, security and data management startups, and specialized SaaS solution providers (CRM, HR, ERP).