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7 Best Fintech Software Development Companies and Examples of Their Financial Projects

The fintech industry is currently experiencing unprecedented success. Investment in the industry is growing rapidly, as recently reported by the research firm CBInsights. A new record was set in Q2 2017 when funding in fintech startups reached $5.2 billion, an increase of 83% over the previous quarter. According to forecasts, demand is expected to remain high in 2018.


Fintech is a term used to describe the newest technologies available in the financial sector. Over the course of only a few years, fintech has enabled us to make instant peer-to-peer transactions and control our bank accounts from a mobile phone. Asset management has become much easier and more secure, and fundraising is an option now available for almost every business.


It is also important to mention blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is rapidly transforming the financial sector thanks to its distributed ledger that eliminates the need for a third party and enables direct transfer of money, ownership rights, and even share trading in a peer-to-peer model.


Fintech is transforming the financial system by making it more efficient, more transparent, and more secure.

Types of fintech applications

Most fintech companies and startups did not appear until after 2005. This means that most of the services that are available to us today were just a dream 10 years ago. Fintech empowered our financial institutions with new possibilities, such as:


Payment gateways


Services that enable direct online payments are popular today. Businesses are moving to the internet to reach more clients. Giving customers a chance to pay for chosen products without the need to stand up from the couch results in higher conversions and higher earnings.


Online banking
Online banking solutions make it possible for users to have direct access to their bank accounts from anywhere. Generations Y and Z, the innovators and movers of our century, prefer to deal with their money on their smartphones instead of having to go through bureaucratic procedures in the bank. As a result, offering better online banking enables financial institutions to attract more paying customers.


Investment services
Wealthy people prefer to see their money work. Traditionally, this entailed having to pay an investment consultant to help them decide where to invest to receive the most benefits. Fintech solutions that use big data and artificial intelligence help investors make decisions without any financial advisors. This makes wealth management cheaper and more accessible.


Lending services
Lending is no longer the prerogative of big financial institutions. Startups in this sphere have made safe peer-to-peer (P2P) lending possible. The popularity of P2P lending marketplaces has been steadily rising, and the service itself generates good revenue because it earns a small commission on every transaction.


Cryptocurrency is the new buzzword of our time. The rising popularity of Bitcoin, Ether and their siblings sparked the development of services that help people manage (buying, spending, exchanging, transferring, or investing) the cryptocurrency they own. Modern cryptocurrency applications aim to erase the borders between real and virtual money.


In reality, the landscape of fintech applications is much wider than merely what is discussed above. This sphere is very attractive for innovators due to its millions of paying customers. Building an application that will bring true value to users and generate some income in return requires not only ambition, but also strong technical experience and a deep understanding of the current market.

Fintech development companies based in Ukraine

Choosing the right development partner is extremely important. We've prepared an overview of Ukrainian software development companies that focus on the fintech industry.

1. SPD-Ukraine

SPD-Ukraine is a software development company that delivers custom solutions for different industries. Fintech is one of the fields in which SPD-Ukraine has the most experience. The company cooperates with several financial institutions and banks worldwide. The solutions SPD-Ukraine has developed have helped to automate the internal processes and improve the workflow of financial companies.


When developing financial software it is crucial to pay attention to data security and confidentiality of user data. This is what SPD-Ukraine prioritizes. Besides the actual development, the company is ready to support their clients with business analysis and consulting – two essential components of successful product development.


The core technology SPD is working with is Java – one of the universal programming languages. It is powerful enough to develop large corporate projects and to deal with the many specific challenges inherent in the fintech industry.  

2. N-iX

N-iX has been offering finance and banking software development since 2005. The portfolio of the company includes peer-to-peer money transfer apps, lending services, Forex brokerage, banking services, and more.


An extensive background in developing fintech software is something that differentiates N-iX from other companies. N-iX is good at building products from scratch but also has solid experience in redesigning and improving existing software. At N-iX you can get a dedicated team, which can expand as your project scales. Along with developers, the team includes software architects and QA engineers, as well as business analysts and a product manager if needed. The companies that engage with N-iX can count on ongoing technical support, which is also a huge benefit.


N-iX developed an award-winning P2P lending service RateSetter, which is now successfully operating in the UK and Australia. Since 2010, £1.6 billion has been lent with the help of this service.


Another project that proves the expertise of N-iX in building projects for the finance sector is a cloud-based payment platform, Currencycloud. With this service, cross-border transactions in different currencies are much easier thanks to its multi-currency wallet functionality. Currencycloud processes around $400 million in transactions each month.


Besides Ukraine, N-iX has offices in the USA, Sweden, and Poland, which makes communication with clients easier and more efficient, regardless of the geographical location.

3. Sombra

Along with healthtech, fintech is one of the main focuses of Sombra. The company has solid experience in developing products for startups in the fintech industry. Sombra prioritizes long-term cooperation that starts with building a product from scratch and continues through to successful release. Continuous support is offered throughout the process.


Solutions that the company has already delivered include identity and asset management, investment management, and digital lending solutions. Sombra also offers the development of blockchain-based applications.


Sombra has successfully delivered OnCFO, a finance planning and analysis platform for business. The functionality of this product allows users to follow and forecast budgeting, track KPIs, manage commissions, etc. The platform is based on Excel syntax. Customers of OnCFO can benefit from over 100 pre-built modules available in the library or create their own modules to ensure that the software meets the needs of a particular business.


The unique experience Sombra has gained in its cooperation with startups makes it a good choice if you are looking for a reliable partner to help you build the next Uber for fintech.

4. Innovecs

After years of experience, Innovecs has become a pro in developing fintech solutions. When checking the portfolio of the company, one can find successful partnerships with banks, insurance and trading companies, and e-commerce and payment platforms.


One of the fintech applications developed by Innovecs features Big Data and Machine Learning. The service trades US equities using AI, which allows it to achieve better results.


An online trading platform developed by Innovecs enables direct trading of binary contracts between an owner and a buyer without involving a third party.


Another Innovecs project is a united trading platform developed for the Ukrainian government which became the top trading platform in the country. This product meets the latest standards of the industry.


A bitcoin transfer solution created by Innovecs enables direct cryptocurrency transfers between Telegram users using their account names. The service integrates with Coinapult wallet.


Innovecs' recruitment team employs technical specialists in the shortest possible time to fit the project requirements and personal preferences of the client. Through extensive testing, the company ensures that the client receives a bugless product, which is ready to hit the market of financial software.

5. Diceus

Diceus has impressive experience in two areas: developing modern fintech software from scratch and offering integrated financial solutions for companies operating in other industries. Both require specific expertise that Diceus is ready to share with their clients.


The company takes over business analysis and planning, development and testing. After release, new on-demand features can be added to the ready software. In addition, Diceus will provide the client with extensive training and consulting, ensuring that the integration of the system into the existing business processes runs smoothly. And, of course, 24/7 support will protect you from unexpected system failures or critical bugs.


Benefitnet developed by Diceus allows HR and insurance managers to plan and run employee benefits programs. The application was developed on top of Diceus’ custom framework, which allowed for the development of libraries customized for the project.


Diceus also has experience in developing warehouse and supply chain management software, as well as financial management systems.

6. Sigma Software

When it comes to the development of fintech products, Sigma Software offers a full spectrum of services, including software and hardware development. The company also assists with all the legal aspects that come along with financial software development.


The company has vast experience in building digital solutions for loan and debt management, mobile payments, invoicing, cost management and reporting.


Sigma Software developed a debt management system for First Ukrainian International Bank. The Qualco Collection system was chosen as the core technology for the software. The task was to adjust it and integrate it into the existing systems of the bank. Sigma Software has also developed a custom analytical module for generating reports and keeps delivering ongoing support and maintenance for the system.


A mobile payment system for European banks is another fintech project of Sigma Software. The company also developed an application to enable offline-mode mobile payments in stores. The application is already live on Google Play and App Store.


Sigma Software focuses on solving the client’s problems by finding the most suitable solution and involving the latest technologies. They ensure that their software can be smoothly integrated with other services and perfectly fits the current workflow of the company.

7. Perfectial

The software company Perfectial is one of the developers of the reputable peer-to-peer lending marketplace Prosper. The application enables anyone in any location to lend a certain sum of money after providing minimum personal information. Previously, each loan needed to be reviewed and approved by an employee manually. Automation delivered by Perfectial enabled the internal processes of the company to become more efficient. The service works internationally.


Ukrainian software development companies in the fintech industry don’t just offer programming services. You as a client can count on market research and business analysis services that will help you better understand the needs of your customers. Every company on our list also provides testing services to ensure the highest quality of the software, and continuous support and maintenance to keep your application up-to-date. This is exactly what fintech clients are looking for in their service providers!