What Companies Offer Java Development Services?

What do an island in Indonesia and an oak have in common? The Java programming language.


Back in 1990, James Gosling was working on an application for a set-top box at Sun Microsystems. His job was to create a portable, platform-independent language that could be used to produce code that would run on a variety of CPUs. As a result, Gosling's team ended up building Java, a language that derives much of its character from C and C++.

Gosling named this language Oak after a tree outside his window. But this name had already been taken by Oak Technologies. Since the word java reflected the Sun team’s great love for coffee, they decided to call the language Java.

Meanwhile, the World Wide Web started gaining popularity, so James Gosling and his team decided to shift their focus from consumer electronic devices to the internet.

Year after year, Java strengthened its position as one of the most suitable languages for embedded, desktop, and web application development. Despite its age, it’s still an extremely popular language that’s used to design the following types of applications:

  • Desktop GUIs

  • Embedded systems

  • Web applications, including e-commerce applications, front and back office electronic trading systems, settlement and confirmation systems, and data processing software

  • Web servers and application servers like Glassfish and Apache Tomcat

  • Mobile applications, mostly for Android

  • Enterprise applications (CMS, CRM, ERP, etc.)

  • Scientific applications like NASA World Wind and MATLAB

Who develops software using Java?

As you might have noticed, Java is suitable for just about any programming task, so even after more than 20 years in existence, it continues delivering considerable value to the development world. Java is rated the most in-demand programming language according to TIOBE, and is used by more than 10 million programmers worldwide.


If you choose this technology, we suggest you get acquainted with the following companies that can skillfully handle software development in Java.

1. DataArt

DataArt offers Java development services. The company has delivered a large number of projects for small- and mid-sized businesses as well as for large enterprises.


One of DataArt's notable Java projects is Triometric, one of the leading analytics platforms for the travel industry. The Triometric web service helps online travel companies, hotel chains, and airlines track and analyze their API traffic and optimize business operations. The DataArt team developed a suite of productivity tools to help Triometric handle scalability issues.

2. Infopulse

Infopulse has solid expertise in delivering software solutions from the simple web and mobile applications to enterprise applications and embedded systems. To implement their solutions, the Infopulse team uses modern technology stacks, including Java.


One of Infopulse's Java projects is Agillic, a SaaS marketing automation platform aimed at providing more flexible management of marketing campaigns across digital media platforms including web, mobile, email, and SMS.


Infopulse has also developed Java-based systems for Quantum, a company that offers storage solutions and big data management services; and BICS, a global telecommunications company.

3. Innovecs

Innovecs is a software development company that delivers solutions across a wide range of industries including retail, education, telecom, fintech, healthcare, and logistics, just to name a few. Their areas of expertise include business intelligence and big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, DevOps, Internet of Things, and more. The technology stacks that Innovecs uses include Java.


One Java-based project that Innovecs has delivered is a search platform aimed at helping advertisers reach customers at their exact moment of intent. Another Java project they’ve worked on is a cloud-based solution for telecoms that aggregates information from wireless carriers and enterprise mobility management solutions.

4. Sigma Software

Java is one of the main technologies that the Sigma Software team has deep expertise in. For over 12 years they’ve been delivering Java-based solutions of any size and complexity for their clients all over the world. Using the Java programming language and its related tools, Sigma Software has developed solutions from websites to business process management systems, innovative platforms, and middleware. One of the clients that the Sigma team has cooperated with is PrismTech.


PrismTech provides software platforms and tools for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, industrial internet, and wireless communications to many sectors including healthcare, transportation, finance, and energy.

5. ABTO Software

ABTO Software has a team of professional Java developers who have been delivering software for web applications and enterprise systems for over 10 years. One of ABTO's Java projects is a custom video communication and e-document signing solution. This product was delivered to a US-based customer to meet the following requirements: a high level of security for e-document signing, multipoint calling, high video quality, real-time content sharing, and instant integration with CRM solutions.


Another Java project developed by ABTO Software is a residential property management system developed for a Canadian client. It facilitates payment processing and helps establish mutually beneficial relationships among property owners, managers, and tenants.

6. N-iX

N-iX offers software development services for enterprise, web and mobile, cloud, and desktop applications. N-iX's Java projects include Book2Meet, Europe’s largest platform for real-time booking of business meeting spaces, as well as HotSchedules and Baxter-FX.


HotSchedules is an employee scheduling and labor management solution targeted at the restaurant, retail, and hospitality industries. The main goal of this software is to automate operational processes like recruiting, training, scheduling, business intelligence, shift communication, and labor management and inventory management. For Baxter-FX, the N-iX team developed a high-load Forex trading platform.

7. Cogniance

Cogniance is a software development company with offices in Silicon Valley, New York, Munich, London, and other large European and American cities. Its team offers a wide range of services from design to software systems maintenance. Cogniance delivers projects for businesses of all sizes and is skilled in many technologies, including Java.


One of Cogniance's clients is the well-known fitness technology company Netpulse. Netpulse provides branded mobile solutions for fitness centers. Cogniance, together with Netpulse, developed a platform that increases member engagement at fitness clubs by collecting and analyzing data from fitness apps, trackers, and cardio equipment.

8. RomexSoft

RomexSoft delivers software development services based on Java technologies. Since 2004, the RomexSoft team has implemented many projects for clients in the healthcare, fintech, and media industries.


In the media sector, RomexSoft has developed the Open Market and NewsMaker projects. Open Market, an enterprise web application, was developed for the TRL Lux media broadcasting company to help them manage advertisements on radio stations and create an advertising network on broadcast radio. NewsMaker is an internal news and media production system developed for the 24 TV channel. This software simplifies the content production process for journalists, editors, video designers, sound producers, and other radio and TV specialists.


In the fintech sector, RomexSoft has implemented SavvyMoney, an online credit score tool. And in the healthcare industry, RomexSoft has created a customer relationship and document management system for home healthcare therapy that helps clinicians get rid of extra paperwork.

9. Redwerk

Since 2005, the Redwerk team has been using Java technologies to deliver projects including e-government systems, paid subscription SaaS solutions, content management systems, and enterprise applications. One of Redwerk’s SaaS projects is Linktiger, a solution for identifying the location of broken links.


Redwerks' team has also implemented a web-based application for Utility Revenue Services, a US-based utility consulting company. Redwerk helped URS replace its outdated desktop application with a cloud-based app.