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8 Companies Offering Quality Python and Django Development Services

Interpreted. Object-oriented. High-level. Popular. We're talking about Python, a language that’s blowing up the charts at StackOverflow. Here are the pretty numbers: Python’s popularity has grown from 22% in 2013 to 33% in 2017, and has managed to overtake PHP for the first time in five years to become the fifth most popular programming language, according to Developers Survey 2017 conducted by StackOverFlow. Whoa!


Donald Knuth once said "a language will not succeed without a good name." Could its name be the reason why Python is so hot today? Monty Python – a comedy show Guido van Rossum, Python's creator, was a big fan of – is the inspiration for the Python name.


But it wasn't the show that inspired Guido to create the language; rather, it was a problem he couldn't easily solve. Failing to find a scripting language with access to Amoeba system calls, Guido decided to create his own solution. This is how Python came into the world.


Today, Python is solving problems for other developers. Here are a few things that Python can do for developers:


  • Web development with the Django/Flask/Tornado frameworks (YouTube, DropBox, Quora, Reddit, Nasa, Pinterest)

  • Game development (Battlefield 2, Civilization 4, EVE Online, Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean)

  • Computer Vision such as facial detection or color detection with OpenCV

  • Web scraping using Requests, BeautifulSoup, and Scrapy

  • Machine learning

  • GUI application development with Tkinter or PyQt

  • Robotics with Raspberry Pi

  • Data analysis

  • Browser automation with Selenium


Python has a record of success stories from the celebrities of the tech world. Google uses it in a number of its own applications. YouTube's video-sharing processes are run in Python, and the photo-sharing app Instagram is another of Python's showpieces.


Python is suitable for developing nearly any kind of system and is specifically optimized to support rapid development (Python has more than 300 standard libraries created to solve a variety of trivial programming tasks). This, in turn, significantly reduces the overall cost of project development.

Who develops software in Python?

If you’re looking for a reliable partner that can provide you with high-quality development services at affordable rates, Ukrainian Python development companies are a reasonable choice. The average salary of a web developer in the US is about $90,000 per year, whereas in Ukraine it's about $30,000 according to Ukrainian IT jobs portal Dou.ua.


We’ve put together a list of Ukrainian companies that can help you implement your idea using Python and its satellite tools.

1. DataArt

Since 1997, DataArt has delivered a large number of projects ranging from mid-size to large enterprise solutions. Among technologies that DataArt uses to deliver projects are not only Java, Ruby, PHP, and .NET, but also Python and its supporting tools.


One of DataArt’s Python projects was delivered to a New York-based utility company that provides electric power to the city and operates one of the world’s largest district steam systems. This client also offers quite a unique demand response program aimed at stimulating lower electricity usage during times of high wholesale market prices or when system reliability is threatened.


For this particular need, the DataArt team developed a one-of-a-kind thermostat control system aimed at responding to peak loads in the grid by reducing power to air conditioners.

2. N-iX

For over a decade, N-iX has been developing solutions in Python, including web application backends, data-driven and GUI applications, data analysis and visualization solutions, machine learning, numerical processing, and DevOps. N-iX’s Python portfolio includes a range of projects of different sizes and complexities.


One of the clients that N-iX has collaborated with is Cure Forward, a US-based biotech startup with the idea of changing the traditional approach to cancer treatment by combining technology, medical advances, and connectivity. N-iX developed an online medical platform, a kind of social network, where patients can host genomic data about their cancer and physicians and researchers can access this data for their research and propose experimental treatments for patients.


Another client N-iX has worked with is Vable, a UK-based company that provides an effective solution for managing multiple sources of information like newsletters, files (PDF, Word), incoming emails, and website crawling right in one place. The N-iX team worked on migrating the existing system from hosting to the cloud and developing a system for further data analysis and aggregation. N-iX applied the Natural Language Toolkit to this platform to structure the information flow, implement analytics and suggestions, and improve the functionality of the service and the quality of suggested results.

3. Innovecs

For over 15 years, Innovecs has been providing software development services to their clients all over the globe. The industry sectors that Innovecs serves are quite varied, ranging from healthcare and retail to gaming and logistics.


One of the Python projects delivered by Innovecs is an electronic trading platform for government and commercial procurement. The idea behind this service is to help customers reduce procurement costs by 3–7%, halve the time for purchasing and be guaranteed 100% control over purchases by purchasing goods or services on a tender basis.


Another project that Innovecs developed with Python is an open-source e-learning and web portal for online education founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University.

4. Intellias

Intellias has used Python to deliver several solutions to their clients. As an example, Python, among other technologies, was used to deliver a real-time mapping and location platform for a German provider of global location-based services for carmakers and enterprises.


The Intellias team was responsible for the entire map production process. They developed embedded solutions for integrated navigation experiences; implemented NDS compliance and streamlined the production of premium quality NDS maps; produced mature, business-focused maps for South Korea and China; enriched new city maps with natural guidance using over 100 varieties of unique guidance points; and a lot more.

5. Perfectial

Perfectial is a software development company that offers web and mobile application development services, along with UX, cloud, and SaaS development. Perfectial works with the following technologies: Java, Ruby, .NET, Node.JS, and Python. One of the companies that Perfectial has collaborated with to deliver a Python-based solution is Ayasdi.


Ayasdi is a software company that offers a machine intelligence platform and applications to organizations all over the world, including global Fortune 500 corporations. The Ayasdi machine intelligent platform processes complex data in overwhelming amounts, and helps to extract actionable insights from it. Ayasdi allows customers to move from massive data to impactful solutions by means of topological analysis, automation, and machine learning.


Using the Django framework, the Perfectial team developed the Modeler application, which is especially tailored to the needs of financial data scientists. This solution is integrated into the technical infrastructure of the Ayasdi enterprise platform. The Modeler application visualizes data processes in Ayasdi’s algorithms, and helps financial analysts identify fraudulent transactions. It simplifies trading decision-making and helps businesses solve various financial issues.

6. Svitla Systems

Svitla Systems is a software development company that has a broad range of experience in delivering services ranging from web and mobile application development, design, systems support, and testing to big data architecture design and Internet of Things product deployment. To meet the business needs of different clients, Svitla Systems applies various technologies, including Python. Among the projects that Svitla Systems has delivered with Python are Thirstie and OspreyData.


OspreyData is an intelligence platform designed from the ground up with sensor analytics in mind, focusing on extracting time series data and modeling complex relationships between signals that help in the production of oil and gas assets. Thirstie is an on-demand alcohol delivery service that allows customers to get their favorite alcohol across most locations in the US and Canada in less than three days.

7. CHI Software

CHI Software is a software development company that started in 2003 with .NET, PHP, and web design projects, but now specializes in mobile, JavaScript, Java, Ruby on Rails, and Python development as well.


One of their Python-based projects is Axiom, a web application for building and managing cloud infrastructure for distributed, high-load scientific computations. Another project of Axiom’s is Web Dictionary, a web translator/dictionary with a focus on pronunciation and language that collects word-specific data through several APIs. Its main version supports English–Russian translation, but most of the app's functionality is language-independent.

8. Redwerk

Redwerk is a software development company that offers Python application development to different clients in such sectors as e-government, content management, e-commerce, media and entertainment, and more. One of their most notable Python-based projects is the “government 2.0” application YouTown.


YouTown is an e-government mobile application aimed at providing new ways for citizens to access local government information. Redwerk’s development team built the system’s backend to crawl the websites of city and county councils, police, and other authorities, and present the aggregated data visually through the YouTown app. Information in the app is updated every minute.