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Best Ukrainian Software Development Companies Working with Big Data

The majority of businesses have to deal with large quantities of information. This information can be varied in both its origins and its scope. Raw data includes things like clients’ personal data, bills and invoices, lists of transactions, inventory databases and much more. With the right approach, this raw data can become a powerful weapon you can use to conquer your market and expand your business. This approach is called big data.

Instead of keeping track of all your data manually, you can start using specialized software. And in most cases, you will need a custom system since it should be completely adjusted to your specific business needs. Big data solutions are used not just to store your data, but to segment, process and analyze it. Let’s take a look at the most useful functionality big data software may have.

Database management

This is a basic feature of big data systems. It refers to collecting and storing all information in data warehouses in the most efficient way. Sometimes, it might seem reasonable to store different types of data in different warehouses. However, this has the potential to cause a lot of confusion and mistakes. Creating an advanced data warehouse allows for the storing of clearly structured information under one roof.

Big data analytics

A data warehouse may store thousands, millions, or even billions of records. Big data analytics software can scan the records, discover patterns and make conclusions about customers’ behavior. Therefore, the more records your database has, the more exact the conclusions are.

Predictive analytics

Based on historic and current information, software can predict customer behavior and help you adjust your business processes to extract maximum value from these predictions. As a result, you can better understand the demand of the market and can work harder to satisfy it, which increases the efficiency of your business and minimizes risks.

Artificial intelligence

Most big data projects employ artificial intelligence for more efficient data extraction and more exact calculations. Computer vision, for example, helps obtain valuable information from images or videos. NLP algorithms are able to extract data from spoken language. Machine learning, in its turn, contributes to exact data analysis. Additionally, software powered by ML can improve itself with time.

Working with big data requires not just expertise in software development, but also a solid background in data science. Most companies in this industry employ software engineers with a degree in computer science since they have a deeper understanding of the processes that usually remain behind the scenes.

So, if you are about to outsource a big data project, make sure that your team has sufficient expertise in this field. We have compiled a list of top companies from Ukraine with a scientific approach to big data software development. These companies are briefly described below.


Intellias is ready to support any business with processing their raw data. The company applies a scientific approach by assigning engineers with Bachelor’s, Master’s, or even Ph.D. degrees in applied science to work on big data projects. They value the security of information and make sure that your data remain safe from any leakage. Two companies that have successfully employed Intellias include MCS Solutions and AdsWizz.

MCS Solutions is a Belgian company that focuses on energy management. Gathering tons of raw data daily, the company decided to take maximum advantage of the information available and employed Intellias to develop a complex business solution. With the new system, MCS Solutions can process and analyze 50,000 data points per second which results in a clear understanding of energy demand and the ability to plan accordingly.

Cooperation with AdsWizz, a startup that offers digital advertising solutions, was also a success. Offering audio ads placing, it was important for the company to achieve the most efficient targeting, which became possible due to exact processing and analysis of big amounts of data about how users consume information. As a result, AdsWizz is now an effective service for multimedia content monetization.


Innovecs develops software designed to process raw data, recognize patterns and help make reasonable decisions based on the information received. As a result, business clients can benefit from reduced expenses, minimized risks, better efficiency of marketing campaigns, and increased sales.

The company has developed a powerful big data-based solution for the advertising and marketing industry. The platform enables companies to display ads to highly-targeted clients, based on their interests and previous searches on the internet.

Another solution Innovecs has presented is a systematic hedge fund based on big data. The service trades US equities, relying on structured analyzed data to ensure maximum revenue. Large amounts of data are processed by machine learning algorithms, which makes the analytics even more reliable.

Sigma Software

The Ukrainian company Sigma Software is helping businesses cope with their unstructured data regardless of the volume. Applications created by the company are able to extract, store and process data from various sources. Sigma Software also pays great attention to transforming data into reports and analytics that can be useful for each specific type of business.

Sigma Software has been cooperating with the world-recognized advertising company AOL to develop and support a service that focuses on video content. The service gathers information about how video content is distributed and consumed and helps to come up with more efficient techniques for video monetization based on these data.

Another advertising-related project of Sigma Software was created in partnership with Collective. The service provides a set of tools for the creation of ads of varying complexity. An important feature of the product is the ability to follow user actions on every ad unit. The gathered data is analyzed and used to improve the efficiency of advertising campaigns.


Relying on a long history of working with data, Intetics focuses on creating applications that bring true value, such as a better understanding of customer behavior. The expertise of the company includes, but is not limited to: data warehouses, predictive analytics, and BI reporting. Intetics delivers big data solutions for different industries, such as retail, automotive, marketing, etc.

The proven expertise of Intetics allowed the company to partner with the world’s biggest furniture retailer. The scope of the project was to develop and support an operational database, which includes information about the retailer's loyalty programs. The data is regularly synchronized with the company’s marketing database.

A supply chain management system aims to deliver a first class experience in each store. The system helps to manage marketing campaigns, merchandising, and supplier execution with the main objective being to increase customer satisfaction. The application processes great volumes of data daily and generates various reports which help to increase the efficiency of each store.


Ciklum has created a strong team of data scientists to deliver the highest quality of services. It develops analytical solutions for companies willing to make use of the unstructured data they have to deal with on daily basis.

One such company requested Ciklum’s help in creating a real-time analytics solution. One of the features of the service is advanced visualization of data with various types of information presentation. Ciklum used the Tableau BI platform to create visualization dashboards with additional interactive elements. Incoming raw data is automatically processed and displayed in the dashboards. Each dashboard includes an average of several million records.


One of the best development partners for big data and data science in Eastern Europe, SoftServe has successfully completed over 100 projects for Fortune 100 businesses. The company works with business intelligence, data analysis, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence to make sure that their clients receive the most value from their data.

SoftServe successfully implemented a business intelligence solution for a network security service. Jaspersoft was selected as the core technology. The end result was a tool which analyzes current and previously-received data for instant troubleshooting on computers being attacked. Another feature of the service is analyzing the data to prevent possible attacks in the future. The developed tool can generate different types of reports and email them to the end users. The software’s deep analytics can track network attacks and helps to protect computers by implementing more efficient security best practices.


Ukrainian software company Intersog offers big data and analytics solutions to SMBs and enterprises. They follow the unique objectives of each specific case, not just offering custom solutions, but also ensuring appropriate ROI.

A manufacturer of smart health monitoring devices has partnered with Intersog to build a native iOS application for end users of the monitors. Along with other features, the company has implemented health data analysis, which resulted in intuitive charts and statistics displayed on the screen.

FIDO is a financial institution in Ghana providing short-term loans. Having to deal with tons of data daily, the company understood the need for a complex solution which would structure and analyze the data. Intersog enabled FIDO to keep all the data in one database (instead of the 6 used before). A solution for data analysis enabled the company to start relying on predictive analytics, which has brought significant improvements to their business processes.


In conclusion, the benefit of Ukrainian big data development teams is their scientific approach combined with their comprehensive expertise in various industries. They have been very successful and have been recognized and employed by top clients from around the world.