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9 Global Enterprises Outsourcing .NET Development to Ukraine

The .NET framework is an all-in-one framework developed by Microsoft and written in C#. It's used to create all types of applications such as desktop and mobile apps, console apps, web apps, and even apps for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The framework is made up of Visual Basic and the C#, C++, and C programming languages. If C# and Visual Basic were adamantium alloys, then we could think of .NET as a hammer made of these alloys.

You can build an app in C# or Visual Basic and the .NET platform will compile it into an intermediate language; at runtime, the just-in-time compiler will translate that intermediate language to native code. One of the components of the .NET platform is ASP.Net. You can consider .NET the foundation and ASP.NET a higher-level framework built on top of it. With ASP.NET, you can develop web applications, services, and websites.

Why is .NET popular with large enterprises?

Given what the .NET framework enables us to do, it's unsurprising that many large enterprises employ it to build high-quality, scalable applications for many platforms. The most enticing feature of .NET is its incredible versatility. With this framework, a web development company can use almost any programming language to build an app rapidly. That's the idea of a framework: to provide a bunch of pre-written code that simplifies software development.

Overall, .NET is targeted at the enterprise market, as startups lean toward more dynamic languages and frameworks such as Ruby (Ruby on Rails) and Python (Django). They prefer these lean options because 1) there’s no need to pay for any licenses and 2) Ruby and Python offer startups much faster development.

Taking into account all the good things we’ve written about .NET, it's obvious that Microsoft's functional platform is popular in many countries, Ukraine included. Below, you can find a list of global enterprise companies, categorized by industry, that have collaborated with Ukrainian software development companies to develop solutions in .NET.

Healthcare: automating data management and reporting

BTQ Financial (DataArt)

BTQ is a financial services provider that works with medical institutions. It offers accounting and reporting software solutions for New York-based Health Homes, helping them report to the Department of Health (DOH) office on their health insurance program.


DataArt helped BTQ develop a HIPAA-compliant data management and reporting system that stores Medicaid patient data and provides an audit trail, tracking changes in data, medical treatments, and patient activities. With this solution, BTQ can expand services to any number of Health Homes, helping them easily report to the DOH.

Travel and hospitality: integrating travel search engines

Skyscanner (DataArt)

Skyscanner is a travel search engine that helps people find and book flights, hotels, and cars around the world at the best prices. Skyscanner partners with different providers (airports, hotels, car hire companies, travel resellers) to help them increase sales. Skyscanner also offers their partners flight search and car hire integrations for their websites using its white label solution.


DataArt implemented a newly architected version of this search integration solution, improving the design of the product, adding new capabilities such as social media sharing and search filters, implementing advanced dashboards, and integrating the white-label platform with marketing enhancement services.

More than 30,000 daily visitors come to Skyscanner from partner websites that are enhanced with this white label solution.

Finance: implementing solutions for financial data management

Eagle Investment Systems LLC (Eleks)

Eagle Investment Systems is a global provider of technology solutions for financial institutions. It offers cloud-based data management, investment accounting, and performance measurement software.


Eleks helped Eagle Investment Systems develop a highly secure portfolio management system that includes products for data management, investment accounting, and performance measurement delivered either as a comprehensive suite or as individually-deployed solutions. In addition, the Eleks team helped Eagle migrate some of their existing solutions, previously written in Delphi and Perl, to Microsoft’s .NET technologies.

Eleks expanded the capabilities of the product so Eagle can meet its client’s needs more efficiently and securely. Eleks has been Eagle's partner for over 17 years.

RadoBank (Infopulse)

RadoBank is one of largest bank networks in the Netherlands and a worldwide provider of financial services present in 40 countries. It focuses on retail and wholesale customers in the food and agriculture industries.


For RadoBank, Infopulse developed a Data Logistic Purchasing (DLP) system, a web-based solution for communication between the Radoshop system and the purchasing intelligence solution that RadoBank uses in its daily business operations. The DLP system imports data about suppliers, contracts, orders, and payments from Radoshop and other external systems such as SAP, converts this data into the same format and sends it to the purchasing solutions systems. The DLP system helps users easily manage the import and export of data.


This system is flexible and can be configured to fit the diverse requirements of various businesses.

Electronic manufacturing: providing a dedicated team for security systems development

Bosch Security Systems (Infopulse)

Bosch Security Systems is a global provider of security, safety, and communications products and systems. They specialize in video surveillance, video over IP, intelligent video analysis, intrusion detection, fire detection, access control, public address, evacuation, and management systems.


Bosch Security Systems approached Infopulse with the purpose of establishing an ongoing partnership with a reliable software development service provider that could address their software development needs. Infopulse provided a dedicated client-centric team that proactively supports Bosch’s requirements.


The types of services the Infopulse team provides include software development in .NET and C++, development for mobile, quality assurance services, and legacy systems maintenance.

Transportation: managing airline operations

Merlot Aero (AltexSoft)

Merlot Aero is a New Zealand-based software development company that offers cloud-based technology solutions to airline transportation providers. Its core product is an operations management SaaS system designed to forecast, organize, plan, predict, measure, and report on activity to optimize airlines’ daily aircraft and crew use.


The AltexSoft team started working on this project at the final stages to accomplish the following tasks: improve source code quality and conduct system architecture design analysis, implement new features and integrations, and create a new design concept for the client-side application. Features that AltexSoft implemented include route management and reporting, data exporting tools, multiple third-party integrations with data providers, and support for multiple time zones.


Merlot Aero's operations management software is used by 33 airlines across 15 countries. The product has been recognized with a case study by Microsoft.

Gaming: implementing a scalable content management system

Bally Technologies (AltexSoft)

Bally Technologies is the world’s leading company in the design, manufacture, and distribution of devices, systems, and technology solutions for the gaming industry.


AltexSoft was involved in the development of a content management portal called Mobile Concierge, a SaaS solution used by more than 80 casino chains to attract more players, enhance their gaming experiences, and thereby increase revenue. The AltexSoft team greatly contributed to the project by implementing custom notification services, local and global GPS positioning, and iBeacon integration. AltexSoft also optimized the system for high load; it can process over one million requests daily without sacrificing performance.


The project team included five members who worked on the development of the Mobile Concierge system for 24 months.

Technology: creating a new generation of cross-platform mobile application deployment software

OpenText (N-iX)

OpenText is a leading provider of enterprise information management (EIM) systems that delivers its solutions to more than 100,000 organizations including large corporations, government agencies, and professional service firms across many industries.


In 2011, OpenText acquired weComm, a software platform that offers fast deployment of media-rich applications for a wide range of mobile devices. OpenText turned to N-iX to set up a dedicated team to develop a new version of the weComm platform.


The N-iX team included 19 people who provided software development, testing, and technical support services.

Food: setting up an extended team for food delivery solution development

JustEat (Ciklum)

JustEat is an online food ordering and delivery service that operates in 13 countries around the globe. The online ordering platform has signed up 36,000 takeaway restaurants.


JustEat hired Ciklum to extend its core London team. Since 2012, the JustEat team has grown from 7 to 23 people. Ciklum provided an extended team model to JustEat, which was the best option for the client.


In 2013, JustEat was ranked in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA as one of the 500 fastest-growing technology companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.