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What Happened in Ukrainian IT? Top 7 Tech Events of August 2018

The past August was eventful for Ukrainian IT. From the AR-infused version of Lewis Carrol`s “Alice in Wonderland” to the greatest merge in the Ukrainian e-commerce sector, FullStackUA casts the light on top 7 events that rounded up the summer 2018.

1. Debunking the PayPal launch myth.

False rumours about launching PayPal in Ukraine spread with lightning speed and attracted a lot of attention on the web. Sad but true, PayPal is still out of reach for Ukrainians. It has indeed launched the cross-border transfers from the USA to Ukraine through its subsidiary Xoom. Simultaneously, it has also allowed to send money to other 129 countries of the world. "Xoom is substantially extending in Eastern Europe and Africa to allow the US clients to send money to 70 percent of countries in the world. They just have to download Xoom mobile app or go to Xoom website,” PayPal for Ukraine Initiative reported on Facebook.


2. Online platform for tutors raised $4 million. Congratulations to Preply!

The Ukrainian tech startup which is known as a global private language tutoring platform raised $4 million this August! The market where Preply tries to build its momentum is largely dominated by the well-known Duolingo, Memrise, and Quizlet who focus on improving conversational skills, the kind of learning best suited to vacations. At the same time, Preply teaches young professionals to conduct business in 40 languages!


3. The greatest merge of 2018: Rozetka and Evo Group.

New opportunities for small entrepreneurs or another monopoly? Ukrainian e-commerce giants Rozetka and Evo Group have announced their merge this August with Rozetka set to buy a 56 percent share of EVO Group from Naspers, the multinational internet and media group. "We believe that the synergy of the logistics infrastructure, IT infrastructure and cooperation with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs will allow us to build one of the most useful companies in the life of every Ukrainian," - the CEO of Rozetka, Vladyslav Chechotkin, said on his Facebook page. The companies plan to create a separate enterprise, that would include Rozetka, Prom, Deal, Bigl, Crafta, Kabanchik, Vchasno and Shafa. The future name of the enterprise remains unknown.


4. Dmytro Shymkiv has resigned his governmental post.

Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, ex-CEO of Microsoft Ukraine, Dmytro Shymkiv resigned to engage in business. “Today, key reforms and initiatives have already been launched. There are 3G and 4G in Ukraine. The processes are running and the people are being trained. Therefore, having completed the tasks, I have decided to return to where I belong: the corporate sector!" Shymkiv said in his latest interview. Well, let us wish Dmytro success on his new business endeavours!


5. AR-infused book created by Ukrainians broke record sales in Belarus. 

The Ukrainian Live Animation Company created the augmented reality art for Lewis Carrol’s bestselling book “Alice in Wonderland.” Moreover, the entire design, layout and the application were created in Ukraine. Complemented by the illustrations of a famous artist Eugenia Gapchinska, the book broke the record sales in Belarus.


6. GlobalLogic specialists created a cancer prevention app.

The amazing GlobalLogic Ukraine created a tool to identify whether your birthmark is potentially dangerous and can lead to cancer. Two developers worked on the project using such technologies as TensorFlow, Angular, Node.js, Nginx. It’s hard to believe, but it is true: you simply log in to the website, upload the photo of your birthmark and get the checkup results immediately.

7. Ukraine goes cashless… slowly.

According to the latest research published by the National Bank of Ukraine, Ukrainians tend to give up the use of cash gradually. During the first six months of 2018 citizens of Ukraine conducted 1.5 billion transactions worth $21 billion! Furthermore, it was revealed that this year Ukrainian bank card holders made around 6% more transactions than a year before. Cashless society, however, remains in the long run. The survey also revealed that Ukrainians still mostly use their bank cards to get hold of cash: 66 % of the operations with bank cards are simple cash withdrawals!

Well, that was one really busy month! Make sure you register your company on FullstackUA.com to attract more clients and strategic partners! Let's show the world that the Ukrainian software development sector is authoritative and trustworthy!